About Us

Abode International is a small but efficient team of property consultants, like a surgeon we specialise in selected areas for a particular type of property.

We focus on the areas of Marbella, Benahavis and Estepona with particular attention on Marbella West, Benahavis and the beachside areas of Estepona.

Our main focus are apartments and Penthouses in the €300k – €1m price range and €1m-€4m Villas. With this specialisation we are experts in these areas in particular and in these property range we leave no stone un turned and you can feel secure that if you are looking for properties in these areas we can find you the best property.

With multiple 5 Star reviews it is clear customer service and satisfaction our main goal. The reason why we can be so effective is because we focus on area and lifestyle as well as the property itself, by taking into consideration all 3 aspects we insure we get our clients the best combination and end result for them.

Please take the next 30 seconds to read about the way we work to see if we are going to be suitable for each other.

How We Work

We start with a consultation call, here we are trying to identify what you are some key information which will help us identify suitable areas for you, after narrowing down some areas that will be suitable for you we then start the property search.

We believe our work is a 2 way street if you want us to be dedicated to finding you the perfect home you need to show us you are also dedicated.

We have a lot of northern European clients who expect a high level of service, with preciseness and specifity a key component. We expect the same level of engagement and respect from our clients as our clients expect from us, with honesty integrity of the up most importance.

If you are looking for a level of service that is built around a mutual trust and respect that is expected from both us as your agency and you as our client then we will work well together getting you the best end result.

Want To Learn More?

Speak to one of our experts that will help fine tune your search and recommend particular areas that will be suitable for you.

Due to our schedule for you to get the best out of a consultation we advise scheduling a 30 minutes appointment to go over options. This is a no obligation call we are here to help you decide if it is even a good option for you.